For over a hundred years, Ratier-Figeac has been full of employment opportunities !


By choosing Ratier-Figeac - Collins Aerospace, you will be working for a company that is part of an international Group and a community of over 70,000 men and women working across 300 sites worldwide.

Our relationships are built on trust. Our products are synonymous with excellence. Our growth is associated with our sense of innovation. Mutual respect and integrity are two of our core values.

The way of life at our industrial site in Figeac, in the Lot department (46), is pleasant and calm. We help new recruits to settle in the area. Regardless of your qualifications and your strengths, we have dozens of professions to match your talents !


To develop a dynamic recruitment policy by :

  • Recruiting and integrating a variety of profiles;
  • Developing skills and adapting to change through training and professional mobility.
  • Training is one of the key priorities of Ratier-Figeac’s human resources policy. The aim is to anticipate and support technological developments, which occur frequently in our activity sector.          
  • Career development is a key focus within the company. Ratier-Figeac encourages internal promotions.
  • A remuneration policy based on performance and company results.
  • A proactive approach to Professional Equality that has been recognized by the Occitanie Region on two occasions over the last few years.
  • A diversity and inclusion policy.
  • A number of measures and structures designed to promote a good work-life balance.


Our international dimension, the diversity of our products, and the technologies we implement enable us to offer a wide range of job opportunities in design, production, testing, logistics, quality, processes, purchasing, and other areas.

Our different professions :

  • Engineering / Programs: Systems, electronic, design, and mechanical design engineers, testers, project managers, etc.
  • Production and Industrialization: Machining operators, lathe operators, composite material operators, fitters, assemblers, production managers, industrialization managers, etc.
  • Quality: Inspectors, NDT, development / production / supplier / continuous improvement quality engineers, etc.
  • Purchasing / Logistics: Buyers, sales administrators, planning managers, production managers, etc.
  • Support roles: Sales reps, customer support, management controllers, accountants, human resources, etc.

NOS INDEX égalité hommes - femmes

Index égalité H/F 2023 publié en 2024 :

– Ecart de rémunération : 39/40

– Ecart d’augmentation individuelle : 20/20

– Ecart de promotion : 15/15 

– % de salariés augmentées au retour d’un congé maternité : 15/15 

– Nombre de salariés du sexe sous représenté parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations : 0/10

Ecart de représentation entre H/F dans les postes de Direction : 


– Cadres dirigeants : Femmes : 0% / Hommes : 100 %

– Instances dirigeantes : Femmes : 9% / Hommes : 91 %